Amino Acids In Cannabis— What Are The Benefits?

Cannabis actually has hundreds of different chemical compounds. Several of them are known as “cannabinoids.” Studies show they can help to treat severe pain.

young leaves of cannabis

Are you growing or planning to grow cannabis plants? The scientific world is now catching up with the historical and medical use of cannabis. For example, scientists continue to research the presence of amino acids in cannabis and if it’s worth growing the marijuana plants.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and also important when growing plants like cannabis. They can provide several uses/benefits involving nutrients, carriers, and fertilizers. So if you want to get the best results, you should know how to add amino acids to plants.

That includes the different ones that will likely provide the best results. They include several “L” versions of different amino acids. These can help to produce the top grows when. It also helps to know different issues like how much of the amino acids to add, how to add them, and blends with other nutrients.  

How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

When growing marijuana plants the main options in terms of locations are indoors and outdoors. Each as pros/cons. While outdoor growing provides a more natural environment. Indoors is a more controlled environment.  There are various issues you’ll need to take up:


It’s important to first secure all the equipment required for growing cannabis plants. If you take this basic step then you’ll have everything you need, which will make the overall process easier. This will take more time at first but will certainly make the process better organized.

Things you need include:

  • Grow tent
  • Smell filter
  • LED Lights
  • Potting mix pots
  • Fertilizer
  • Fan

You can buy all these items online including online retailers like Amazon. You don’t have to become an expert about each and every piece of equipment. However, it helps if you learn the basics. This will make shopping easier since you’ll know basically what to look for.


It’s important for the cannabis plants to get enough fresh air so they grow well. You’ll want to keep the growing area ventilated well. That can help to reduce insects that can reduce the harvest. You should also use a window/vent to ditch old stale air.

A carbon filter is a helpful method for getting rid of the classic marijuana scent. This will prevent growers from needing to smell it often. You can even use a small CFL lamp in order to keep the grow area well-ventilated without using an actual system.


The key is to find quality seeds in order to get the best results from growing them. It’s important to consider the seeds in terms of type, strain, and packaging.

Make sure to check the seeds’ colors. Avoid hollow/black seeds since their signs of dead seeds. You should instead look for seeds with a multi-color known as “tiger marble.”  

Amino Acids: Cannabis Plants


This is probably the most well-known use of aminos for cannabis plants. All plants require the basics in order to survive. They include light, water, and minerals. However, this is just the start. If you want to get the best results from growing marijuana plants you should learn more about the micronutrients the plants can get.

For example, there are even nutrients in the oil including bacteria and others. This can help your plants get all the nutrients they need. In most cases, you don’t require extra amino acids for growing cannabis plants.

One situation when you’ll definitely need to add amino acids is when you’re growing “hydroponic” cannabis plants that don’t require any soils. In this situation, you should definitely consider adding aminos that would normally be found in soils.


More specifically the amino acids can be used for fertilizer correction. In fact, over time the plants will become strained. Nitrogen is required to grow cannabis plants. However, when artificial elements are used to grow the plants this causes the cell structures to become weaker.

This can make plants less able to deal with the damage. This can cause the plant to become stressed/infected. They’re both situations you’ll want to avoid. One of the best options is L-glutamic acid.


This involves the amino acid functioning as a “carrier” molecule for other nutrients. They include ones like iron, copper, and zinc. They help to activate plant enzymes. There are certain amino acids like glutamic acid for binding metals.

The fancy term for this process is “chelation” while the amino acids themselves function as the chelate. In this case, amino acids function as a carrier. They boost the available nutrients.

The result is that the plant can use a small number of nutrients in soil/water more effectively. This, in turn, will help to make the whole growing process better.  

Top Health Benefits of Cannabis

Treat diabetes

This is related to marijuana’s effect on insulin. This might help diabetes patients treat their disease. One study connected cannabis to lower blood pressure, stable blood sugar, and better blood circulation.

Today, diabetes rates are spiking throughout the world. This is due to factors like high consumption of white sugar and processed grains. These foods can cause blood sugar spikes, which can lead to inflammation, type-2 diabetes, and so on.


Some studies show that cannabis is connected to fighting cancer. There’s a lot of scientific proof that the plant’s cannabinoids might help to battle certain kinds of cancer.

Heal Bones

Some studies show that marijuana might help to speed up the healing of broken bones. It also seems to make the bones stronger so there’s less chance of them breaking during the future.

Lose weight

This is an interesting benefit since people actually get the “munchies” after smoking weed or eating cannabis cookies. Have you ever noticed that cannabis users tend to be thin? The reason is that it seems to help change calorie intake and also control insulin. This is critical since insulin is related to diabetes.  

Fight depression

This mental condition is often undiagnosed in people. Like others, it’s important to treat it effectively after a diagnosis. Some studies show that cannabis might be effective in treating depression.

Improves lung function

This might be surprising when compared to the negative effects of smoking cigarettes. The difference is smoking cannabis doesn’t harm the lungs. One study showed that cannabis can boost lung capacity.

Reduces severe pain

Cannabis actually has hundreds of different chemical compounds. Several of them are known as “cannabinoids.” Studies show they can help to treat severe pain. That’s due to the chemicals they contain. This is why different byproducts are often used to treat severe pain after adding nutrients like amino acids cannabis.

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