Amino Acids For Erectile Dysfunction: Get the Facts

Learn more on how effective amino acids are for erectile dysfunction in this article.

Erectile dysfunction

Are you dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED)? This condition affects about half of men in their 50s then increases by about 10% every decade. It can be a difficult men’s health condition to deal with. This is due to various issues like feelings of shame or embarrassment. However, if you think you might have ED it’s important to get a checkup. There’s a chance you might just have a sexual health condition and require amino acids for erectile dysfunction. That said, there might be other health conditions involved so you should know whether or not that’s the case. In some situations, ED can be a symptom of a severe health condition so it’s critical to know whether or not that’s the case.  

It’s been 20+ years since Viagra hit the market in 1998. Today there are several prescription medicines available to treat ED. However, there are also some possible side effects caused by the strong chemicals they contain. If you want to avoid them then you should consider some natural remedies that don’t increase the risk of such side-effects. You have several options including amino acids, Vitamin B, and herbal supplements. Some studies show that these treatments could function as natural sex boosters for men.  

What Exactly Is Erectile Dysfunction?

The male health condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED) takes place when a man has various issues obtaining and maintaining an erectile. It’s quite common for men to have some sort of ED from time to time. However, if it’s a continuous condition that’s a different situation.

ED happens when a man has continuous problems securing/maintaining a penis erection. The problem is it can make sexual activity difficult. Studies show that about 20% of men have ED. Around half of men 50 years old have ED. The percentage increases by about 10% every decade afterward.

There are various symptoms linked to ED. The main one is maintaining an erection. However, there are other possible symptoms like low sex drive. In most situations, a physical condition is causing the problem. However, in other situations, there also might be a mental/psychological factor involved.  

Some of the most common ED symptoms include:

  • Short-term erections
  • Inability to get an erection
  • Soft erections

If an erection is too soft or short-term for sex then some sort of ED is involved. The severity of the condition can vary.

Erectile dysfunction is more common among men 50+ years old. For example, just 5% of men age 40 have total ED. However, the figure spikes to 15% for men 70 years old. These are figures are related to total ED so the figures are higher for partial ED.

Age isn’t the only cause of ED. Others include high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, smoking, and obesity. So if you have these conditions it’s more likely you’ll also experience ED.

In terms of the ED’s mechanics, an erection takes place when blood fills up 2 chambers in the penis. This causes the male reproductive organ to expand/harden. The process is triggered by genital nerves and brain signals. Anything that blocks blood flow/signals can result in ED.

Amino Acids for Erectile Dysfunction

If you want to avoid prescription medicines for treating ED there are some natural remedies you could go with.


This is one of the building blocks of protein. This particular one becomes “nitric oxide.” Scientists first discovered this amino acid during the early 1800s. L-Arginine is the most common form of this amino and is found in various dietary supplements on the market. You can also find amino in different foods like seafood, meats, and veggies.

One study showed that about one-third of male subjects who took 5g of Arginine/day for 6 weeks experienced better erections. It’s important to know why this treatment might help deal with ED effectively.

In part, ED is caused by bad blood circulation in the penis. So nitric oxide can help the blood vessels to widen. This is why it’s believed that L-arginine might help to increase blood flow to the penis, which could in turn help to treat ED.

It’s worth noting that Arginine supplements might cause some side-effects. They include stomach ache, LBM, and bloating. People with asthma might experience severe side-effects so it’s best to avoid this natural treatment.


This is one of the “non-essential” amino acids (NEAAs) since the body produces it. This is a critical one since it might pair with the prescription drug Viagra to make it more effective among diabetes patients with ED.

For example, one study tested the use of L-Carnitine among men who had used Viagra 8+ times without positive results. Adding 2x of L-carnitine /day provided some results. It helped to increase blood flow and improve erections.

The amino acid seems to help men who have a certain “bent penis” disease. The amino acid supplement decreased pain and caused the disease to worsen more slowly.

There are some possible side-effects of this amino acid:

  • Nausea
  • Fishy urine
  • Chest pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Sweat
  • Vomiting


This herbal supplement is made from tree bark from a Central African tree. Studies show that the supplement might help to reduce ED. However, this supplement is a mixed bag.

Here’s why. This supplement can help with ED. However, it can also cause side-effects like:

  • Anxiety
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness

It can also cause interactions with many prescription drugs and problems for people with mental disorders. This is why many doctors don’t recommend this herbal supplement for treating ED. You should talk to your doctor first before starting it so you’ll know about any risks and side-effects.


One of the problems with certain anti-depressants is they can lower the libido (sex drive). This is ironic since these drugs are sometimes prescribed when depression affects a man’s sex life. A bad situation can become worse when the medicine you’re taking makes a bad situation worse.

SAM-e is a chemical that the body produces naturally. Some studies show it can help depression (mild/moderate) while not causing any sexual side-effects.

This medicine might also boost the effects of certain Rx depressants. This can help to improve your sex life and improve your life. It’s important to avoid mixing SAM-E with anti-depressants without talking to your doctor first. Sometimes this could cause side-effects like upset stomach, dizziness, headache, and insomnia.


This is one of the several Vitamin Bs. Niacin can help to boost the body’s levels of “good” cholesterol. One study showed that taking 1500mg of Vitamin B for 12 weeks helped men with high cholesterol and ED (moderate/severe).

However, it’s critical to avoid high doses of Niacin. This can affect issues like blood pressure, urination, liver, and heart. Niacin is a dietary supplement. However, you should start taking it until you talk to your doctor about any new supplements/medicines, including amino acids for erectile dysfunction.

Amino Acids For Erectile Dysfunction

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