What Is Amino Diet?

Amino diet is a weight loss plan based on the principle of amino acid supplementation together with an exercise routine and healthy diet.

Amino acid rich foods

The twenty-first century brought with it the quest for health and fitness. These days we see lots of diets being advertised with their different claims and testimonials. And today in this article we will be looking at the amino diet. What is an amino diet?  From the name you probably already can tell that it is about the amino nutrient. The amino acid is the building block of protein and a very popular one at that. These amino acids are divided into two groups, the essential and the non-essential ones. The essential amino acids are those that your body is unable to produce so you can only get them through your diet. But for the nonessential amino acid, your body is able to produce it.

What Is An Amino Diet?

An amino diet meal plan is based on the principle of amino acid supplementation together with an exercise routine and healthy diet to shed pounds faster and even more effective than regular exercise and healthy eating alone. This is a well-structured program designed to aid those seeking ways to quickly lose weight and also to help those that need the vegetarians to achieve a healthy weight loss without breaking their diet rules. Amino acid diet tells people what to eat exactly and when to eat them. Already excited? Well, let’s read on to find out more.

How Does It Work?

This diet comes with a guide book, an eyedropper filled with amino acids, and a plan in three phases to help lose and keep off weight. On this diet, you will find that it is possible to not consume meat and also focus on food with a reduced glycemic index. It is an ideal diet for diabetics who seek to control their weight.

The founder of this diet, Dr. Humble Finsland agrees that the diet is restrictive but also ensures that you will not feel hungry as it allows you to eat up to five times daily. It not only has an improved intake of diet but the supplement for weight loss gives you sufficient amino acids.

The amino acid nutrients carry out several functions In the body such as balancing hormones, managing weight, and building muscles. This diet will help control the level of blood sugar and burn your fat safely and quickly.

What Are The Three Phases?

Phase 1

This first step lasts between thirty and ninety days and is the main phase. Each day, you are to take the amino drops recommended. Then you have to change your eating habits into a clean way and this involves the daily use of about a thousand calories of vegetables, some carbs, healthy fats, and fruits.

Phase 2

Stop using the amino drops. Increase the number of calories to 1,500. This will stop your body from going into starvation mode, a characteristic of weight gain. In starvation mode, your body usually thinks it has to store up fat protecting you from famine. More food and carbs varieties are permitted in this phase.

Phase 3 

The last phase gives you more control as you can now gradually increase the variety of your food. So now you can reintroduce your natural starches and sugars. At the same time, you have to be conscious of maintaining the achieved weight loss by living healthy. Perhaps the weight comes back then you can start all over.

Special note: You are only to take the amino drops at the initial phase. However other supplements such as protein powders and fish oil are recommended through the remaining phases.

The Advantages And Disadvantages

Every diet has its good sides and its bad side. While we are yet to discover the one perfect diet, so till we have to keep weighing the scale and choose which benefits us the most.


  • Foods with decreased glycemic index – This particular diet encourages a diet with low glycemic and this is good for people with concerns regarding their blood sugar.
  • No guesswork – Amino diet program is clearly laid out for you In a guide book that supplies thirty days of food choices and meal worth.
  • Vegetarian options – Amino diet embraces vegetarianism as there is the option of replacing meat with protein options. A, so the recommended meals do not contain fish and meat.
  • No hunger – With this diet you can have up to five square meals a day and still achieve weight loss.
  • Amino acids: The supplementation of amino acids helps balance out your nutrient need.


  • Fewer choices – This food completely eliminates some diet and this restricted food range may appear discouraging.
  • Costly plans – The thirty-day plan may go on for as long as $90, the sixty-day plan costs about $140 while the ninety-day plan will be around $180. The length of the plan you will need is determined by the weight loss you aim to achieve. Each plan has its own specific guide book which includes appetite suppressants for amino acids and a thirty-day meal plan.
  • Serious calorie deficits – This plan’s first phase requires a serious reduction of calorie intake and this is not so advisable as to if it is prolonged the body may proceed to starvation mode. You have to discuss this plan with your doctor.
  • Medication interaction may occur – You have to ensure that taking these amino drops will not interfere with your current medications. To ensure, seek advice from a certified medical practitioner.
  • Amino limits – Supplementation of amino acids are only utilized during the initial phase when you need the essential amino acids frequently. Aside from this then only a limited amino acid amount will be used.

In summary, what is an amino acid? This is a diet plan that gradually leads you on a weight loss journey by prioritizing amino drops at first then gradually permitting the intake of other foods.

Amino Diet

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