Does Amino Energy Contain Sugar?

Essential Amino Energy comes in powdered form that can easily be mixed into water to come up with a drink that is refreshing and tasty. As an added bonus, each serving only comes with ten (10) calories.

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One of the most popular forms of supplements are those that contain amino acids and one such supplement is known as Essential Amino Energy. However, people do not want their supplements to derail the healthy diet or eating strategy they have already established and may ask, does this supplement (Essential Amino Energy Contain some sugar? In this article we look at what Essential Amino Energy Supplements are and if they contain any sugar. Read on to find out!

Optimum Nutrition: A Company Overview

The company that brought Amino Energy to the market is called Optimum Nutrition. Optimum nutrition, also called as ON is a member of Glanbia, one the most prominent group in terms of nutrition and cheese. The company also manages and is the owner of nutrition brands that are premium and these are ABB (American Body Building) and Optimum Nutrition (ON). Both brands can give adults who are active different and a complete range of products such as capsules, tablets, bars, powdered, and drinks that are ready to consume. 

ON also has facilities for manufacturing and production in Sunrise, Florida, Walterboro, South Carolina, and Aurora, Illinois. The said facilities are all state of the ar and ON (Optimum Nutrition) is one of the few brands that offer products in all different categories. The company was established in the year 1986 and focuses on an approach that is hands-on to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. 

Optimum Nutrition also believes in ensuring that quality is never compromised. This translates to each and every equipment found in ON’s facilities being used only to prepare products using the highest quality of ingredients and materials that are raw. A certification of analysis is needed for each ingredient used which are all tested and verified to ensure that these comply with the company’s quality requirements.

Aside from high quality, ON also focuses on ensuring customers are satisfied. Because of this goal, ON (Optimum Nutrition) does its very best to ensure that all variables related to customer satisfaction are ticked off. These include manufacturing processes, lab testing,  quality control, and the selection of ingredients.

With all of these in place, the market has come to expect product consistency from Optimum Nutrition’s vast array of health supplements and products. Some of ON’s (Optimum Nutrition’s) products include Protein Products, Strength and Endurance, Health and Wellness, as well as apparel and accessories. 

Essential Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition: What it is all about

Essential Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition contains agents that are naturally energizing such as green coffee extracts and green tea, both of which are easily absorbed as amino acids that are considered free form. These include arginine and BCAAs (Branch Chained Amino Acid) that aid in pump promotion and muscle building. All of these components are crucial to building a physique that is lean as physical and mental energy are required to achieve such. 

Essential Amino Energy comes in powdered form that can easily be mixed into water to come up with a drink that is refreshing and tasty. As an added bonus, each serving only comes with ten (10) calories. This means that this product can be used as much as the individual wants without adversely affecting their diet program or weight loss goals. Those who need support for recovery increased the production of nitric oxide, physical energy, and mental focus, then Essential Amino Energy might just do the trick.

The commitment to quality by Optimum Nutrition is shown in each and every step of the development of Essential Amino Energy and ON’s other products. One such step to ensure that ingredients used in the production of ON products are the requirement of ON for suppliers to present a certificate of analysis, aside from in house and third party testing by other laboratory facilities. To make sure that no contaminants or other unnecessary foreign matter make its way during the final stages of this product’s creation, Optimum Nutrition established a HACCP process or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. This means that quality assurance is conducted and verified for each and every step of the process of production.

The Health Benefits and Product Features of Essential Amino Energy

Essential Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition comes in many different variants but one of the most popular flavors is the refreshing Fruit Fusion variant. Some of the benefits and product features of this supplement include the following:

  • It only has 21 calories for each portion size serving
  • Essential Amino Energy also has a formula touted as any-time this formula is unique making this product ideal for consumption all throughout the day, aiding individuals to feel more alert and focused at the beginning of each day, assist in maintaining overall focus until the afternoon,  and can also support energy requirements while in the gym working out.
  • Essential Amino Energy also helps in mental focus helping individuals get through the daily grind without losing their mental alertness and concentration.
  • Essential Amino Energy also has that unique blend of energy-giving formulation which includes a dose of caffeine (100 milligrams) obtained from green coffee or green tea, helping individuals power through a tough workout routine or simply just getting through a tough deadline at work or in school
  • Essential Amino Energy is specially designed to help in the recovery of muscles through its blend of amino acids specifically chosen for the said purpose.

Is Essential Amino Energy sugar-free?

Those looking for a sugar-free supplement, rejoice! Essential Amino Energy does not contain any sugar which means this supplement can be taken by those who are calorie conscious or those individuals who want to observe a sugar-free diet due to a number of different reasons such as type 2 diabetes.

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