Is Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Safe?

Essential Amino Energy offers top-quality BCAAs to ensure optimum benefits without causing harm to your body. This product offers not only superior quality but also great flavors that are hard to come by elsewhere.

Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition has become a household name in the world of nutrition and supplements. We will be talking about one of their signature products in this article – The Essential Amino Energy.

For more than 3 decades, Optimum Nutrition has proven over and over again that they are a leading light in the industry. They offer innovative and new products that fit the needs of both beginners and pros. That’s why they have a cult following.

Essential Amino Energy offers top-quality BCAAs to ensure optimum benefits without causing harm to your body. This product offers not only superior quality but also great flavors that are hard to come by elsewhere.

If you want a fit body and healthy living, this product is one of your best bets. If you are an athlete, you will surely benefit from this product for your pre-workout boost. You can even use it to gain energy for casual exercise too.

Essential Amino Energy is Optimum Nutrition’s BCAA supplement. The label indicates that this product is useful for “energy, focus, and any-time muscle recovery”.

The main concern that people have with Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy is that it contains more ingredients compared with other brands of BCAA supplements. They say the safest ingredients are those with fewer ingredients. But is this always true? Is ON Essential Amino Energy safe? Read on.

Benefits of Essential Amino Energy

Aside from the BCAAs in this product, it also contains a high caffeine dose. This makes it a great pre-workout supplement. More so, its taurine content helps to reduce the potential side effects of caffeine, such as loss of focus and jitteriness.

Aside from the BCAAs leucine, valine, and isoleucine that you find in every BCAA supplement, Essential Amino Energy also contains other aminos that help improve endurance and prevent the breakdown of muscle fibers.

One such amino is Citrulline. This amino improves blood flow, as well as helps pump up your muscles. Beta-alanine, on the other hand, delays fatigue while tyrosine is a potent stimulant.

That’s not all. This supplement also contains methionine and phenylalanine. Methionine helps to strengthen the bones, while phenylalanine improves nerve function. It also has mood benefits.

Other aminos include arginine, which helps dilate blood vessels and promote blood flow to the muscles during workout. Then we have histidine and threonine, both of which boost immunity. There’s also lysine and glutamine.

The blend in this supplement is amazing. But it could be quite frustrating that we have no clue about the ratio of BCAAs used in this product. It’s not disclosed on the label.

Anyways, if you want to get this supplement, you have a variety of flavors to choose from. You’ll find something you like from almost 20 choices to pick from. Some of these flavors include mocha cappuccino, cotton candy, blue raspberry, and peach lemonade.

Some of the flavors are quite sour while some are quite fruity. But they still have the standard BCAA flavor. If you try them out, you’ll find one that suits your taste buds.

Is Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Safe?

To be honest, the side effects of pre-workout supplements are generally common. These side effects are usually related to the presence of caffeine in these supplements. But aside from this, such products, including the one we are talking about here, are generally safe.

If you use too much, this supplement can cause nausea, jitters, or headaches. Sometimes too, it might upset some people’s stomach. But as we mentioned earlier, these are common caffeine side effects that almost every pre-workout supplement has.

These effects are usually more likely to happen in people who don’t usually drink caffeine beverages. If you are already used to consuming caffeine, you most likely won’t feel any of these caffeine adverse effects.

More so, your body might gradually get used to caffeine when you use this product. But be wary and carry your doctor along if you feel any side effects. Your doctor will counsel you about whether you can continue using the supplement or not.

But then, if caffeine is what is giving you issues, you most likely will have the same issues with any other pre-workout supplement you try. Sometimes, all you need to do to fix the problem is to reduce your dosage.

But aside from caffeine, this supplement also contains B-alanine. This amino can cause tingling sensations in your feet, hands, chest, and face as the effects of the supplement start to kick in. But then, the b-alanine content in the product is so low that it can hardly cause this side effect.

You’ll realize that the side effects we have talked about are quite minor. You can easily get past them. And they are nothing compared to the benefits you stand to gain and the results that you will see when you use this supplement.


Overall, this is a solid product that will surely deliver safe results. It will improve your fitness routine and energize you for even casual exercise. More so, it has vast and delicious flavor options so you can always change the flavor if you need something that tastes new.

More so, there are no major or crippling adverse effects with this supplement. If you drink it at the start of your day, it won’t affect your day negatively. It is also very affordable. Certainly, it won’t disappoint you if you try it out.

As much as people might worry about the fact that it contains many ingredients, these ingredients are generally safe. The only ingredients that might cause adverse effects are caffeine and B-alanine.

In the case of B-alanine, the content is so low that adverse effects are unlikely. And in the case of caffeine, the adverse effects are unlikely in people whose body systems are used to caffeine beverages. More so, Essential Amino Energy has a lower level of caffeine than lots of other brands out there.

Even if you have issues with caffeine, your body would adjust and start tolerating it with time. All you need do is start on a low dosage and gradually increase it. That way, you would prime your body to reap optimum benefits from Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy.

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