Amino Therapy For Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Amino therapy for cancer has been around for a while now. But just very few have an idea about it. That’s why it will be our focus today.

Amino acid therapy

Cancer has always been a threat to human health for a long time. The truth is that some cancer types have no cure. And because of this so many people have been researching how they can treat cancer. Some have always reached a dead end. While for some they are making progress and hoping that it would be indeed effective. One of the research making progress is amino therapy for cancer treatment and prevention. You will be surprised to see what they have come up with as to this research. 

Yeah, amino acids here again. Amino acids have been all over the place for a long time now. The benefits that come with amino acids is simply mind-blowing. You may think you know a lot about the benefits that come with amino acids but you will be surprised to find out that there is a whole lot more. So here we will find out some new and interesting things about amino acids. If you are interested in this hot topic then you have to keep reading. 

Amino Therapy for Cancer 

This is a controlled therapy wherein people with cancer are put under strict dietary guidelines. Also, they are placed on nutritional supplements that concentrate more on controlling amino acids and then carb intake. 

Let’s talk a bit about protein and cancer cells. The biosynthesis of protein is actually essential when it comes to the proliferation and survival of cancerous cells. With this, they came up with the idea that restricting amino acids may have an effect on cancer. This is preventing or treating the condition. 

It’s true that some people now have an idea of what this approach is about. But then again it can’t be taken as one of the best approaches. And that’s because there is no solid backing and rationale behind this strategy. Also, we don’t know how effective this would be. 

Cancer as you may already know is a very complex disease. It is very dangerous and common. It has taken the lives of millions of people. And cancer occurs in almost every part of the body. That’s why there are no many types of cancer. 

Even though they are different as to location, the proliferation and survival process is similar. That’s why this therapy can be effective for different types of cancer. With this therapy, there is a reprogramming of the catabolic and anabolic metabolisms. With that, there is a change in survival and proliferation. So it is more like you are hijacking the division system of the cancer cells. 

It has been found out that certain amino acid restrictions are effective for this purpose. There is the serine starvation, glycine restriction, glutamine blockade, leucine deprivation, methionine, and asparagine. 

Let’s now take a look at how all these are effective when it comes to cancer treatment and prevention. 

Amino Acids Important For Cancer Treatment and Prevention 


You must take note that for cancer cells the most demanding process happens to be the metabolism of amino acids. And the most used amino acid happens to be leucine. So this means that leucine is very important when it comes to amino therapy. 

Leucine is actually an essential amino acid. This means that the body does not produce it. It is gotten from external sources. And there are a lot of roles associated with leucine. One important role is signaling in cytosis. So when there is deprivation of this amino acid there would no signaling. And with that, no cytosis would occur. Then the cancer cells can’t grow and multiply. 

A study that was carried out on people with breast cancer showed that this has a modest effect on dealing with it. So there’s a chance that this might be a good shot at stopping the cancer cells. 


Next to lysine is serine. This is number 2 in terms of use. So in cancer cells, there is an alteration and enhancement of the metabolism of serine. So this means that there is increased production of this amino acid. The idea is to starve the cancer cells of serine. 

It has been found out that starvation of serine in cancer cells would cause stress. Also, there would be remodeling of the cancer cells. And that way nucleotide synthesis would be inhibited. This would bring about the death of cancer cells. 

Glycine Restriction and Supplement 

So you may have heard that glycine is one amino acid that helps with the proliferation of cancer cells. Well, that’s true but this approach is different. It comes with restrictions and supplements. When the cells were restricted on glycine the effect wasn’t as great as what was seen in others. 

What they did was that they now tried out supplementation with this amino acid. And it was found out to be effective for hindering the growth of certain tumors such as melanoma. So with glycine, it could be both ways but more research is still needed on this. 


This is the last amino acid that we will be talking about today. It is the last but definitely not the least. Methionine is an amino acid that is very important for the production of proteins. Without methionine, the process of making protein can’t get started. That’s why this is a great tool for handling cancer cells. 

When methionine is not present in cancer cells protein can’t be made. And when this happens there would be a problem with the synthesis of nucleotide. That way the cancer cells won’t be able to survive. 

Experts have been able to come up with all these and they know that this is good for treating cancer. More research and studies are still needed for this. But you can be sure that there is a future with amino therapy for cancer treatment and prevention. Hopefully, if everything turns out well we will now be able to save millions of people that die because of cancer. We hope you have learned a lot about how effective amino acids can be for treating cancer.

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