Collagen Peptide With Amino Acids: Amino Acid Composition of Collagen

Collagen peptides with amino acids are used in many cosmetic and health products. Other uses include muscle building, anti-inflammatory or anti-aging properties. What are the amino acid composition of these peptides and how do they benefit you?

Collagen Peptide With Amino Acids

Recent research shows that some peptide types could have important roles in reducing inflammation, destroying microbes, and slowing the process of aging. Collagen peptide with amino acids are often confused with proteins. But they are two different things, although both peptides and proteins consist of amino acids. Just like proteins, you can get peptides in foods. As a result of the potential benefits that can be gotten from peptides, there are quite a number of its supplements being produced either synthetically or from food. 

Collagen peptides are popular and their benefits include skin health, anti-aging, muscle building, improving athletic performance.peptides in itself are short amino acid strings that comprise of two to fifty amino acids. These amino acids are protein’s building blocks. Your body may find it easier to absorb peptides than proteins as a result of its smaller size. Peptides easily penetrate the intestines and skins helping them to gain easy entrance into the bloodstream. Peptides used in a supplement can be gotten from animal or plant protein sources including eggs, milk, shellfish, fish, lentils, beans, soy, oats, hemp seeds, flaxseed, and wheat.

Collagen Peptide Amino Acids: Uses and Benefits

The interest of scientists is on bioactive peptides because they have more potential of benefiting human health along with a few others. These bioactive peptides are of different types and they have varying properties too. How they will affect the body depends on their amino acid sequence.

From research,h we know that some health benefits of bioactive peptides include bringing down elevated blood pressure, killing microbes, enhancing immune function, functions as antioxidants, reduce inflammation, improves the function of the immune system, and prevent blood clot formation.

Let’s look at these effects of collagen peptide individually;

Slows down the process of aging

Collagen can be found in the hair, skin, and nails. The body breaks down collagen protein into collagen peptides so that they can easily be absorbed. By taking collagen peptides your skin health will be improved and the aging process slowed down.

Some studies have shown that dietary food supplements are made of collagen peptides that treat wrinkles. There is other research suggesting that the supplement can also improve the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

There is a possibility or peptide stimulating melanin production, melanin is a pigment of the skin that contributes to protecting the skin from sun damage. Anti-aging cosmetics applied topically contain peptides which the manufacturer’s claim reduces wrinkles, increases the flow of blood, and helps to keep the skin firm.

Improves healing of wounds

Because of collagen’s importance as a component of skin, its peptides may cause wounds to be healed faster. Bioactive peptides also reduce inflammation while acting as antioxidants which improve the ability of the body to heal.

There is ongoing research on antimicrobial peptides which may enhance wound healing. Very low or very high levels of certain antimicrobial peptides may play a part in skin disorders like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Prevent bone loss related to age

animal studies have linked moderate collagen peptide intake to an increased bone mass in rats who exercise. This study although lacking in humans suggests that collagen peptides can be useful in counteracting bone loss in aged persons. More human research is needed here.

Build muscle mass and strength

Some research conducted on elderly people shows that supplements of collagen peptides can increase the strength of muscle and its mass. Participants if this study combined resistance training with their supplement taking.

Possible Side Effects

Healthy individuals who take peptide supplements are less likely to experience severe side effects due to the fact that their diet gives them a similar amount of peptides.

Oral supplement form may not be able to go into the bloodstream as it is broken down into separate amino acids. A study with female participants took supplements of collagen peptide for eight weeks without the researchers noting any serious reactions.

However, the U.S FDA does not control supplements as they do for medications. Due to this people have to take supplements with caution. Topical ointments and creams that contain peptides may lead to skin symptoms like rash, itching, and skin sensitivity.

It is safe to buy your supplements from a reputable company. If any adverse reactions are noticed stop use. You should consider talking to your doctor before you even start using topical products containing peptides.

Breastfeeding, pregnant, or people taking medications or with a health condition should not sue peptides without their doctor’s recommendation.

Instructions On Use

When using collagen peptide with amino acids the dose and timing will differ depending on what brand and type it is. Thankfully the package usually comes with instructions on use so follow it. Do not use more than the size that has been recommended. And if you notice any adverse reactions, speak to the doctor.


Naturally, you can find peptides in protein-rich foods. You may not necessarily have to use peptide supplements or its topical source. However, there are people who opt to use these in order to slow down their aging process. Others may take it to build their muscle and strength. These supplements may be popular among bodybuilders, trainers and athletes.

The evidence on how effective these products are is still limited hence the need for more human-based research in order to establish their safety and efficiency thoroughly. For now, ongoing research on peptides are in their early stages, hopefully in the near future scientists would have discovered health benefits for the different peptide types.

While we wait people are advised to take collagen peptide with amino acids with caution and discuss its potential risks and benefits with a health practitioner. Remember you can get peptides from your diet naturally so it’s better to prioritize eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. This is the best way to have natural optimal health.

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