Top Healthy Foods High in Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid that is part of the building blocks of protein in our body.

A plate of chicken breasts and beans

What are the foods high in arginine? But first off, what is arginine.

The word arginine is a queer word for us non-medical folks. On the contrary, we do know about the terms like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers and so on and so forth. Arginine though is a food term we need to be acquainted at.

Arginine is such underrated amino acid, and it should not forever remain unknown because the amino acid arginine helps regulate blood pressure and boosts energy into the human body.

Arginine is an amino acid that is part of the building blocks of protein in our body. Protein is one of the macronutrients in our body that is used in several ways and several methods. Our very skin, nails, hair, and many more body parts are all made up of proteins. All these proteins contain arginine, the amino acid.

Arginine is an amino acid that is non–essential, meaning arginine is not necessary for the body but is helpful enough to have its own uses in the body. Although arginine is non-essential, a deficiency in this is not that common. Arginine in the body can also be deficient on rare cases like for example when the body is in a certain predicament where it does not produce as much protein than it can produce.

Why is Arginine Necessary?

Arginine is not unnecessary at all. At times, arginine is needed on some predicaments the body is going through like surgery, certain injury, and traumas. In these circumstances, arginine is needed to be produced in a massive manner. Aside from helping heal the body from trauma, arginine also helps in dilating blood vessels, helping regulate the blood circulation, helps fortify the cardiovascular system, help the kidney organ, helps improve the immune system, and many more.

The arginine amino acid is reproduced in many forms as a supplement. People take in arginine supplements as a way to regulate certain heart diseases, reproductive problems, and sometimes to support their bodybuilding endeavors.

Foods High in Arginine

Arginine, however, is in a better form when it is taken in through food. This article will give out the topmost healthy foods high in arginine.

Turkey Breast

Turkey breast is said to be packed with arginine which is some people say is the reason why some people who eat it gets tired. All in all, though, turkey breast is a healthy option for you because it is packed with lean muscle, protein, and arginine.

A slice of turkey breast is actually enough for you to have enough arginine in a day. This means that a slice of turkey breast in a day is enough to help your circulatory system do their job better in a day and just enough to help regulate your blood pressure.

Chicken Breast

Turkey and chicken breast is pretty much the same since they are within one type of genus but different in body structure and nutrient contents. Turkey and chicken meat though have many similarities in many ways. For one, they both are high in arginine, and their meats are lean.

In eating chicken breast, you have to make sure that you do not include the skin of the chicken into your cooking. The skin of the chicken has lots of fat on it, and you do not want it from your lean chicken breast. Chicken breast is lean meat that is good for bodybuilding and is low in sodium content.

Pork Loins

Pork loin is also another good source of arginine amino acid. Pork loin is such a flavorful cut of meat that you do not need much flavoring when you marinate it. Pork loin is also one of the leanest cut that you can ever get.

Like some other lean cuts, pork loin is a good cut of meat if you wanted to improve your cardiovascular health. You can cook and eat pork loin in many ways. You can roast your marinated pork loin and pair it with refreshing garnishes. You can also create a variety of sandwiches with the pork loin as the main star of the dish.

Bean lentils

Bean lentils are not meat based but plant-based which gives us the conclusion that it is a relatively healthier choice. Like meat cuts, lentils can also be cooked in several other ways depending on your taste. Lentils are packed with arginine, protein, and fiber.

Lentils in a cup can give you enough arginine to last for a day and so much more. Lentils almost complete your dietary needs at 60 percent. You can cook lentils as a soup or make it a garnish for some other meat cuts.


Soybeans are among the foods high in arginine.

Soybean goes by another name which is edamame. Like lentils, you can cook and eat soybeans in many ways. You boil your soybean or steam them, at times, you can add your soybeans to your favorite soups. Soybeans can also be used as appetizers or garnish to some dish. At times, you can use soybeans as your toppings for your favorite salad mixes.

Soybeans are packed with arginine too, and a cup of it is enough to provide you with enough arginine to last for a day. Aside from the amino acid arginine, soybean is also packed with minerals like magnesium and potassium. Soybeans are a good food medicine for cancer, menopausal symptoms, and many more conditions.

Peanuts and Almonds

Both peanuts and almonds are rich in protein but peanuts are more abundant in protein while almond is rich in vitamin E. Both the peanut and almond is rich in arginine, protein, and fats. It is not a good idea to indulge both in very large quantities because combined, and both are really packed with fat.

What you can do is eat each of them on different days in moderation. Peanuts and almonds can be eaten in several ways, but the better way to get the nutrients out of them is when you eat them as it is.


Lobster is a surprising edible that is packed with the amino acid arginine. However, on the bad, lobsters are quite rare and really expensive. They are easily served in hotels and are cooked very well on five starred hotels. Lobsters are packed with arginine, sodium, and cholesterol. With this in mind, try to eat them in moderation. Lobsters, rare as they are can provide you with high-quality nutrients and proteins that are good for your body. Lobsters can be cooked in various ways too, but they are mostly cooked in bisque style.

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