What Is The Amino Diet Weight Loss Program?

Amino acids play a crucial role in a lot of different biological functions such as weight management, muscle building, and hormone balancing.

different food sources of amino acids

Nowadays, when you look for a healthy weight loss program, you’ll almost always encounter one that deals with amino acids. But, what is the amino diet and how does it fare among the many weight loss programs available today? In this article, we’ll look at the amino diet and its possible health benefits. Read on to find out!

One of the biggest concerns for modern men and women is the challenge of losing weight. This is understandable since weight loss and ideal weight can all provide health benefits that can translate to long term longevity and improved quality of life even during old age. As such, it is no longer surprising that a number of diet programs have shown up claiming that it can help enhance weight loss efforts and generally improve overall health. One recent diet program is known as the amino diet weight loss program but people might still be wondering, what is this diet and how can it help people achieve their weight loss goals?

The Amino Diet Weight Loss Program: A General Overview

Some individuals may be wondering what an amino diet weight loss plan is. It is specifically a diet program that focuses on the principle of supplementing with amino acids and observing a diet that is healthy together with regular exercise to promote weight loss in individuals compared to just exercising and observing a healthy diet alone.

While the background and basis for this diet program may seem simple enough but the program is considered highly structured and is specifically targeted towards individuals who are aiming dramatically lose weight in a short amount of time. This diet can also be utilized by those who want to monitor what and when to eat on a daily basis and those who want to maintain a healthy weight even while observing a restrictive eating plan such as vegetarian or vegan.

Amino Diet Program: How does it work?

The diet known as liquid amino will come with different amino acids and an eyedropper, a guidebook for the diet, and a plan divided into three (3) phases that individuals can follow to boost weight loss and help keep the unwanted pounds off afterward. The good thing about this diet is that it can be observed without eating any form of meat.

To do this, individuals can have meals with meat skipped or have them replaced with an option that is non-meat and protein-rich. In addition, this diet program also emphasizes the importance of eating good items that have a low GI (Glycemic Index) Score which means that this kind of diet can be perfect for patients suffering from diabetes and aid them in better managing or controlling their body weight.

The Phases of the Amino Diet: Going from Phase 1 to Phase 3

It is true that the amino diet can get restrictive but the developer of this program, Dr. Humble Finsand, made sure that dieters will not starve throughout the day and scheduled around five (5) meals on a daily basis. Aside from dietary intake that is improved,  the magic weight managing component of this diet is the adequate amount of amino acids people take in instead of just taking in a pill. 

Amino acids play a crucial role in a lot of different biological functions such as weight management, muscle building, and hormone balancing. If individuals follow the three (3) phases laid out by the amino diet, then it is expected that fat can be quickly burned and that the levels of blood sugar are controlled and managed. The three (3) phases of the amino diet include:

  • Phase 1: The first step is the phase that focuses mainly on weight loss and can last form one (1) month to three (3) months. The individuals will usually take the recommended dose or drops of amino per day and then shift into a type of eating known as clean eating. This will involve a daily intake of a thousand calories of some carbs, healthy fats, fruits, veggies, and lean protein. 
  • Phase 2: The taking of amino acids will be discontinued during this phase and the calorie intake will then be bumped up to 1,500 calories. This is done so as not to starve the individual. During this stage, people may experience some sort of weight gain as the body will react in such a way that it will protect against itself from famine. It is also during this phase that more food varieties and carbs will be allowed for this second phase.
  • Phase 3:  The third phase of this diet will bring back control and management in the hands of the individual as people now have food variety that is much more increased (possibly taking back in starches and sugars that are preferred). This third phase also expects the dieter to keep their ideal weight constant through healthy lifestyle choices. It the weight does come back, then the phases of the amino diet must be observed once again.

It must be noted that the amino diet program only requires the intake of amino acids during the first phase but other health supplements such as protein powders and fish oil may be taken during the duration of the diet program.

What are the Pros and Cons of this Diet?

The amino diet can have some pros and cons as well. These should all be considered before individuals decide on whether or not this diet is suitable for them or not:

Some of the pros are:

  • Foods that Low Glycemic- This means that the amino diet is ideal for those with diabetes,
  • No Guesswork- The diet program is detailed thanks to its very clear guide book with some good food choices for an entire month
  • Options that are vegetarian- people can opt to stay vegetarian despite observing the amino diet
  • Never go hungry- This program can allow for five (5) meals daily but still experience weight loss.

On the other hand, the cons of this program are:

  • Limited choices- The diet can feel limiting as some food items can be totally eliminated from the foods allowed for consumption
  • Expensive- Some of the plans for this amino diet can be quite pricey and may discourage some dieters

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