What is Zinc Carnosine Good For?

The discovery of zinc carnosine gave more hope to more efficient treatment of gut-related problems.

Woman experiencing problems in the gut

What is zinc carnosine? Well, it is a health food product that promotes gastrointestinal health.

Gut Health

When we feel a pain in the gut, we often mistake it for a simple stomach ache of some sort. Sadly, we do not realize how even the simplest things we do in our lives can seriously affect the condition of our guts. To get an idea of the potential causes of gut problems, here is a short list of the things that we do that affect the functioning of our digestive system.

  • Reasons Why We Have Gut Problems
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Lack of exercise
  • Too much stress
  • Drinking unprescribed medications and self-medicating drugs
  • Excessive alcohol intake and smoking

For some people, they consider digestive issues as common problems that anyone may encounter at any time. But that is not always the case, because most of the time even the most basic discomfort is able to develop into a bigger problem in the future. Due to instances like these, the issues involving the stomach and gastrointestinal stuff are advised to be taken more seriously. Why do these seem to be important, you ask?

Importance of Gut Health

Firstly, it was claimed by the father of medicine himself – Hippocrates – that gut health is essential for a healthier body in such a way that it is where most diseases come from. Also, Chinese medicine has a belief that people who take care of their digestive system tend to be a lot healthier than those who do not. This is due to the fact that one of the functions of the digestive system is the absorption of nutrients; which if the system is not properly taken care of it will affect the overall state and health of the body.

The mentioned beliefs are just some of the reasons why maintaining a healthy digestive system will benefit us, so it should never be taken as a light concern. So if there is pain or discomfort felt from the gut, the immediate response must be a checkup from the doctor and the consumption of necessary medications that will help relieve the pain.

When it comes to the medications used for gut issues, there are a lot of them these days and their availability and accessibility are more reachable now more than before. For example, it is now easier to buy minor medications even without prescription; this is acceptable when the digestive problem is proven to not be too dangerous (like loose bowel movement and minor diarrhea). There are also newly developed medications that are made from the combination of different substances such as minerals and amino acids – just like zinc carnosine. Throughout the existence of this new medication, it has been used for the treatment of gut problems.

Zinc + Carnosine = Zinc Carnosine

Thanks to the discovery of the combination of zinc and carnosine, another useful digestive medication was achieved throughout our lifetime. According to those who discovered the usage of this medication, the bonds that were formed by the ions and molecules are capable of boosting the effectivity of zinc and carnosine for about three times better compared to when they are used by themselves alone. Thus, the combination boasts a more powerful effect than others.


Even before it is developed into zinc carnosine, zinc has already proven that it is indeed useful for gut problems. For starters, it has the ability to relieve and prevent the occurrence of diarrhea and it is also known to support the digestive system when it comes to absorption of nutrients. Other benefits of zinc are its contribution to boosting the function of the immune system, promotion of optimum liver health, and regulation of blood sugar. As seen from its benefits, zinc is considered as an abundant trace mineral which is continuously used by the body for many organ functions and activities.


Just like most amino acids, L-carnosine; or simply carnosine, is in charge of supplying the body with necessary antioxidants. Plus, it has properties that contribute to the healing of human tissues.

When the carnosine is combined with zinc and they result to zinc carnosine, it is actually the carnosine that handles the transportation of the combined substance into the areas in the gastrointestinal tract which aren’t easily accessible or those that are affected by infections and other problems. Additionally, the combined effect of the mineral and the amino acid also provides other benefits that are not only limited to digestive issues. Such benefits are helping the body cells perform their function well and they boost the immune function more, among others. However, the main purpose of zinc carnosine is already widely used for treatment of dyspepsia, gastritis, and gastric ulcers.

Benefits of Using Zinc Carnosine

Zinc carnosine is not only limited to a single gastrointestinal issue, in fact it can be used for different ones. Also, it can have different effects and functions like prevention and treatment.

Used as a treatment for ulcers and gastritis

Stomach cancer has been one of the top causes of death that has something to do with the digestive system. It is said that the development of stomach cancer is due to mishandling of underlying digestive issues such as gastritis, ulcers, and infections caused by the bacteria H.pylori. Thankfully, the discovery of zinc carnosine gave hope for future treatments of the underlying digestive issues that will suddenly lead to stomach cancer. Thus, the percentage of the population that has stomach cancer is beginning to decrease.

Relieves inflammation

Gastritis is caused by inflammation, which is considered as the main cause of most diseases. Normally, the body gets to experience a few inflammation because of its reaction to other bodily activities and such; but most of the time untreated and severe inflammation are known to cause other diseases. This is where zinc carnosine becomes useful once again.

It prevents the potential damage of free radicals

We cannot completely get rid of the free radicals that may possibly be in our bodies, but there are ways where we can somehow protect the body from the damage that these particles may cause. Zinc carnosine acts as a protector and a shield for the gastrointestinal tract when it comes to damages by free radicals.

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