Coconut Secret Products: Where To Buy It?

A desire to provide healthy food products ideal for people struggling with diabetes is the reason why Coconut Secret was born. Fortunately, Coconut Secret Products can be bought or purchased from a number of different online and physical stores.

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One health product that is considered a better alternative to regular sugar is coconut sugar. This can be an amazing health product for those suffering from type 2 diabetes and for those who just want to manage their sugar intake. But what is Coconut Secret and what are its products? And do you want to know where to buy Coconut Secret products? This article will try to answer all of these questions so if you want to know more, read on!

Coconut Secret: Company Information

Coconut Secret is a company that was started because of its founders’ desire to provide real food items that can be healthy and ideal for those struggling with diabetes. According to the company’s website on the “About Us” page (, Coconut Secret’s founders were appalled with the amount of the supposed diabetic-friendly food items in the market particularly in the category as snacks. It was then that they found out that sugars are still included in these food items albeit, in forms that are disguised.

The founders, Randy and Leslie, saw that the products had disguised sugars in them through the presence of artificial sweetening agents. Much of these sugars were added in the form of sugar syrup, honey which is not natural honey but more of liquid sugar, juice concentrates from fruits, and the worst one, of course, is HFCS or high fructose corn syrup. 

The Company’s Goal

Based on the said observations of the company, the founders then focused on trying to develop products that are gluten-free, low glycemic, and convenient snack items using ingredients that are truly healthy, safe, least processed, and pure. Plan A for the company was to use a sweetener called organic agave syrup. This is when the company found out their target supplier for the said agave syrup was no longer in the business of selling the aforementioned product. It was a blessing in disguise though as the company soon discovered that not only was agave was not raw, it was also not organic. The worst part is that these raw agave syrups contained corn syrup that is watered down. This is what initiated the Coconut Secret’s search for a healthy sweetener.

During this period, the buzz surrounding agave was slowly getting subdued mostly because the syrup is still considered highly processed although it was well within the acceptable levels of being low in the GI score (around 55). Being processed means that agave syrup did not contain the healthy and necessary nutrients needed by our bodies to utilize and digest certain enzymes and other nutrients for good cellular health, growth, and development. In addition, a lot of the agave is easily hydrolyzed at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for around a day and a half to convert a tasteless syrup such as agave into a syrup that is sweet tasting.  This means that the product, once fully processed, contains fructose at around 90%. While it is true that fructose gets broken down in the human body at a rate that is much slower compared to sucrose, the ratio of 90% is still relatively high. That’s when a new product was identified by Coconut Secret.

Coconut Sugar

This new ingredient is known as coconut sugar, an item that is not that well known in the US market during that time. Coconut sugar is created by having the sap collected from the blossom of coconut trees and this process requires that certain varieties of coconuts are used.  Containers made of bamboo are utilized to get the coconut tree’s sap from its blossoms. Once these trees of the coconuts are placed under the sapping process, they can continuously produce flowing juice or sap (also called an inflorescence) that can come directly from the blossoms of the coconut itself. This sweet sap that is naturally occurring has a low GI score (around 35 GI score), active enzymatically, and is completely raw.  It also has a neutral PH, B-vitamins that are broad-spectrum, vitamin C, minerals, and almost complete amino acid profile (17 out of th 20 amino acids). 

To have the excess moisture removed, the product is evaporated at temperatures that are low but not exceeding the tropical summer day’s average temperature.  This will result in a product known as toddy, a syrup-like substance that will then be further evaporated to form crystals to be used in the production of coconut sugar.

Coconut secret has a supplier based in the Philippines which provides the company with a toddy that has the right consistency and viscosity. With the right supplier and the right kind of ingredient to use, Coconut Secret was able to market its products to the US market effectively and profitably. Since their main product was a healthier sugar substitute, it made sense that Coconut Secret focuses on first marketing their products to health and wellness stores and shops.

The Company’s Desired Social Impact

For Coconut Secret, their social impact encompasses a number of key considerations which include:

  1. Fair trade is more important than fair price
  2. Provision of fair labor conditions
  3. Direct trading is important
  4. Organizations that we partnered with should be transparent 
  5. Communities supporting the cause should be developed
  6. The production and manufacturing of the company should be environmentally sustainable.

Where To Buy Coconut Secret Products

Fortunately, Coconut Secret Products can be bought or purchased from a number of different online and physical stores. To search for stores or shops that sell the products of Coconut Secrets, customers can visit the store locator webpage of the company at To purchase or to know where to buy coconut secret products online, customers can also visit the company’s web store at People can also try Walmart Online and Amazon for their online purchases.

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